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Pursuant to a legal agreement with Select Comfort Corporation, DBA Sleep Number, we are no longer able to promote that our beds have numbers.  Our beds are number beds in the same way that Kleenex are tissues.  We are also bound to not disparage the Sleep Number Brand or Select Comfort.  And in any advertisement, including our web site we must use a disclaimer in 10 pt. font or more to state that we are not affiliated with Sleep Number or Select Comfort Corporation.  We are not prohibited from announcing this agreement to the public.  We do not sell Sleep Number beds, but we are a competitor, and we believe our beds are better constructed.  You or representatives of Sleep number beds are welcome to dispute that, and in a free market choose which bed you think is better.  We have 100 numbers on our wd5200 control system, they have 20.  We save our customers money, real money over Select Comfort's Sleep Number Bed.  Try theirs, try ours, you decide.  Sleep Number makes a good product, Comfortaire makes a better one, that's why we named our business Hannah's Better Beds.
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Hannah's Better Beds sells Comfortaire Adjustable air bed products, and Sleep Harmony Foam products.  Comfortaire is the Original Air Bed Company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Select Comfort Corporation. Sleep Harmony's Parent company has been in business for over 50 years.  Hannah's Better Beds sells an assortment of bedding accessories, like our great pillows, MADE IN ST. LOUIS, MO USA
Hannah's Better Beds is not selling or affiliated with, Select Comfort and Sleep Number bedding products.
Your more than a number to Comfortaire!



I will, as I promised, tell all 182 of my "friends" on Facebook what a wonderful product you have, and I hope some of them will also be customers of yours.

Sincerely yours,
John R S.

Do you have an air chambered bed that is 5, 10, 15 years old or older? It still sleeps well, but you have seen the new materials, and they are nice. Why not upgrade your bed? Isn't that what you were thinking when they told you, your bed was a modular design?

We, at Hannah's, can help! We feature quality Comfortaire products, Comfortaire was the originator of the segment in 1981.  No one has more experience with air chambered beds! Most beds use a similar system. The parts may be interchangeable. So, as an example, you like the new fabrics, or the new design chambers, you can change just that on many beds. Stop by and let us know the manufacturer and model, and we will show you your options.

Perhaps,when you purchased your bed, the sales guy told you of this wonderful 20 year warranty. Yet that warranty is prorated, and doesn't include labor to install the parts. When you called, the parts seemed expensive. While often those parts are cheaper than new parts, but how do you know? Call us and ask. If we can get you a similar quality Comfortaire part to replace the existing part and save you money fine, if not, at least you know your company is indeed taking care of you. Need someone to install the part? We can do that, often they won't. There is a small charge for time and travel, but at Hannah's, we are here to serve you.

Whatever your needs, call us, we can help!